Zachman is scammer, be awared. MOD plz help.


i sold him a 1500$ target gift card, he confirmed that he received it, then after an hr, he said he is in the market and he cant use it because the gift card has problem. now he is trying to make an excuse . mod plz join in the trade. Here is the trade id mod : KVo8K7E47eB


What happened eventually? Does the case really gets looked at or does the person who got ripped off really gets any justice? Or is it just talk…you get ripped off…oh well! I want to expose this Qingengli person… He actually had the nerve to tell me that I uploaded a card that was used by someone else! He used it! what a coincedence that while I was uploading the photo…he says don’t send the card! Hellloooo
I have the receipt, and i opened the package myself, so I know noone redeemed the card except for Qingengli