this trader whose username appear here is a thief and monster, please block all his trades and seize all his bitcoin, scam me and lots of other traders, ask to cancel a trade after he used the two iTunes card i gave to him claiming only one works and gave me another link to pay for the one he said work but after i cancel the trade that was it. only to discover that hes a liar and cheat, sent him several text but refuse to reply. he went offline only to come back and and scam several unsuspecting member, Paxful really need to look into this, if not i will leave here and advice others against trading since we not safe anymore and seems he goes unpunished. here is the link i was given, https://paxful.com/zh/offer/dg7eQPJAx1v. be careful dealings with all this Chinese guys here, full of scam and fraud.