Waiting for the moderator


I paid $100 iTunes gift card and the seller confirmed my payment but yet to release the coin waiting for the moderator over 7 hours nothing has been done about it


Hey there this was resolved?


To people who have had to wait for a moderator, how long did you have to wait? Hours? Days? Weeks? I have spent almost all of my Saturday disputing. I thought it would be simple.


I’m having similar issue. I have paid a seller for the past 9 hours and he refused to release my bitcoin. I’m still waiting for the moderator to help me get my bitcoin out from the seller.


My last 3 disputes had progressively taken longer to even get an initial response from a mod.

10 days…
11 days…
Then 13 days it took for my last one


Please can anyone help me out here now, I Paid a Vendor by my itunes gift card worth of single 100$ Card and He claim my Card is not 100$ telling me the card is 15$ so i waited for the Dispute to report him,and i could not hear anything from the Moderator yet,can anyone help me solve this please…Te Vendor User name is zhengbao
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Hi been on dispute of iTunes card 2days now. Pls look into it.

Here is the trade dispute link https://paxful.com/trade/vMoJg4NYMmx I have uploaded the necessary files and documents the call and d receipts with iTunes card having my username. Is bin 2days now. I bought the card myself and ttaded itPls let a moderator check it out. Before I proceed with any further action. Thanks.

I asked him : after d call, i told u the itunes official told me that The apple id that redeemed d card has been blocked. The customer care confirms it and now u confirm it too that ur Apple acct is blocked. so how is ur id blocked if u didnt redeem d card? answer that. He still can’t answer.

Obviously, d vendor redeemed it claims he did not. But the exact time he redeemed it the iTunes official confirmed it Which corresponds exactly with when he uploaded d screenshot claiming its redeemed
Pls check it. Thanks


When I tried to withdraw my bitcoin - it asks for a password - I never created one


It’s the same password that you have when you log into your paxful account


@kareninsf please I also have my card redeemed by seller “honest100” and he is claiming he didn’t. Dispute has been on for almost 2days now without moderators intervention. Here’s the trade ID LWoLYgWaqmk.


@Gibsoon. Could you please let me have the Help desk line of Apple you called and how you got to upload it. This guy ripping me off my $100 already. Please help a brother. Thanks


First off, bravo for actually getting the exact time of redemption from apple. To this day, i have not been able to get anyone over there to confirm anything more than the date of redemption for an itunes card.

Second, stating your findings is not really too relevant in a trade dispute for something like itunes, because such findings are very hard if not impossible for a third-party to verify. AKA, paxful’s moderators.

What you need is to download a recording app to record your entire phonecall with apple. Then send the recording to [email protected], with your disputed trade id in the header.


Thanks for all of the great information!


I don’t work for paxful I just trade there I would try their live chat again please keep us posted


If the card is U.S itunes call 1-800-275-2273. U can use a recorder that can transfer files, to record the call. Or use ur fone to record while calling. Then upload it on any sharing site: google drive, soundcloud etc.


Oh! Thankss. I thought you did. The dispute is still on and it has been for been for a week now without the moderator showing up at all. I just want to win it at all cost because have cheated on here several times.