scam alert (HellF1r3) !!!!!!


hello this guy HellF1r3 is trying to scam me
at first i started the trade is was 9999 min
he marked the trade as paid before he send the money and he said (Release…if u dnt get ur funds…u can take help from support to ban me and refund u)

ofcrs i did not release
trade Number N614QRE44ep
after i warn him that i will report him and he will lose his account he closed the trade , becareful


User has been banned. Thank you


Can you help please… i have been posting dispute tickets and no help so far…

Transaction iD b61ZPGrvro7


Hello, i just got scammed by this user tharoors99.
First he told me to upload the card, then told me he did not accept scanned cards. I`ve told him that i hope the card is still ok, after i canceled and wanted to start a new trade, my card was redeemed.
The user tharoors99 closed his offers and now he does not respond. Please be aware and can i ask what can i do?