Saying I cant sell unless I have .05 btc


Trying to sell of the last bit of btc. It says that in order for it to be public and sell I need to have .05 btc. Can someone plz help


I would like clarification of this as well. If it is hidden then it isn’t for sale or is there some area only certain people see with these hidden ads and if so who or what is the criteria for determinimg that? In another article or FAQ I seen that one only needs the amount to cover the trade and if I recall X amount of usd but limited to payments one can ask for. It was enough for me to say to myself. This is rather arbitrary and sovertly complicated. Not to mention confusing so I used another place to sell. I would love to use Paxful though. So hopefully these can be explained more succinctly


In a case where you want to open your Offer for selling bitcoins, you must have a minimum amount of 0.05 btc to be in your wallet to make offer visible for the public. You must understand that if someone starts to trade with you then funds from the balance are sent to escrow - deducted from the wallet and at this step your balance becomes less than 0.05 btc. Result: ad not visible. This mean that you must have always 0.05 btc in wallet + the amount that you want to sell. For gift card payments you must put additional 0.1 bond to open offer.
If you want to sell bitcoins to someone, you can try to buy offer here

Example I have 1.05 btc on account - my offer is visible, someone want to buy 0.9 from me - my offer stays visible. Someone starts trade for 1.02 btc with me, my offer become invisible.
I want to sell btc for gift cards I put bond for 0.1 so my balance will be 0.95 btc