Reporting a high feedback scammer?


Are you dumb? Haha I can actually speak proper English. What made you suddenly convinced that I am saimarket’s impersonator? I guess that’s the reason you sent a whole $1K first, you seem too clueless about this whole paxful thing. I joined 14 hours ago. I joined Paxful itself much before that. Gosh…

I suggest you learn more about this website and Bitcoin before you do a single thing more related to them.



Gosh are you clueless about everything…


I helped you by giving an accurate response and you reply by calling me saimarket or saimarket’s impersonator rather than a “thank you”

Okay, fuck you. Hope you get scammed by more impersonators in the future, because clearly all the information I gave didn’t help at all. I hope this teaches no lesson.

Have a great day, with $1K less of gift cards. Idiot.


Scammer Paulwatson


Could you please post the URL to his profile page and what happened? You can send an email to [email protected] and they can probably help you with your issue… best of luck to you


Hello @kareninsf I have a dispute case that is up for 23 days now… No any moderator has attended to it. I have created a post here yesterday and it’s not yet public. “I guess it still under reviewed”.

I’ve contacted support many times about the issue but all I learned from them is to be patient. It now 23 days, no any sign of moderator investigating the issue… Don’t you find this very poor for any moderator not have yet investigate the issue?


I find that absolutely appalling! That should not happen! I would continue sending them an email once a day and bothering live chat once every 6 hours and posting here once a day until it gets resolved. And please please keep us posted. I cannot imagine how frustrating that must be for you…


Finally a moderator got involved. I hope they investigate the case very well and see the truth of the trade. Will await to see how the case is being awarded. Thank you !


Best of luck with this situation and please keep us posted thanks very much


@kareninsf here is the link to his profile


Honestly… I have the same issue right now and It’s only been a half a day and I’m super irritated. One can only hope to have a smooth trade, else… This dispute thing is not efficient. I hope you don’t feel offended for jumping on your mention. I’m just so irritated.


I can completely understand your frustration. I have been there many times myself. I always look for very reputable Traders with a lot of positive feedback and an old account. Then I tend to stick with these Traders because I know they are safe. But that’s what I do… even then I sometimes still occasionally have problems. Good luck to you and I hope it gets resolved ASAP


I would like to report a Scammer that goes by the name Listia, and
here is the Scammer’s profile:

I sold this scammer 0.03150251 BTC for 100.00 USD for Walmart Gift Card on 6/29/2017.

I never got the code I paid for, and the scammer has been promising to return my bitcoins back to my wallet for several weeks now; it’s been a little over a month now, and I think I have been patient long enough. I reported the matter right away, and I also sent an email message to [email protected], but I haven’t gotten any response from any Admin on this matter yet.

The well-deserved negative feedback that I left on this scammer’s profile can clearly be seen where you will see how he/she responded to my feedback by openly asking me to provide my Paxful bitcoin Wallet to return my bitcoins to. I provided my Paxful bitcoin wallet to this scammer in private conversation right away, but he/she never did return my bitcoins, and never has to this very day since June 29, 2017.

I don’t know how or why the scammer got the impression that I was some sort of bitcoin bank or something, because, instead of returning my bitcoins back to me right away like an honorable person would if they don’t have any product/codes to sell, the scammer kept on trading with my bitcoins in possession, and has had over 30 more trades with other Paxful users since my transaction with him or her.

I need an Admin to step in to help me get my bitcoins back from this thief who has not only robbed me of my hard earned bitcoins, but has also robbed me of my time and the opportunity to trade with more honorable Paxful members. I would greatly appreciate your much needed Admin Intervention.

Thank You.


I haven’t released my bitcoin to him, the buyer marked the trade as paid but I haven’t even given him my transfer details and my bitcoin is no longer in my wallet please I need it back because I haven’t released it yet to him name of the buyer is - benefit1


Okay so the Dealer started paying me back in increments today in the form of Gift Cards. We agreed to keep doing this for the next few consecutive days until the dealer pays me back the owed $100 Gift Card in full. So far the dealer/Listia still owes me $80. I will let you know how things go.


KxeGLbdrKoj The person scammed me of a amazon Gift Card of a 200$ about 6 hours ago


Could you please post a link to their profile and if you haven’t already please send an email to help at thank you


I report scammer who has high feedback. We do trade 5 times and the last one he scammed me
Unbelivalbe, I loss 3k. Who can help me to ban his nick?
Here is his profile

Here is log chats:



You are supposed to trade on paxful and use the escrow system . They can’t help you if you don’t trade within paxful. You should never ever ever trade out of escrow that’s how you get scammed. I’ve been trading over 2 years and I always use escrow even with people I’ve traded with a million times


A lot of people try to impersonate High feedback Traders on social media and messaging sites you should never ever trust them