Reporting a high feedback scammer?


Hello all!

While I am new to Paxful and sold to some great traders in the past few weeks. I do SEO backlinks at night as a side job asking my customers to pay me via Amazon cards to exchange here for investing in BTC.

I found while doing a trade a scammer who advertises (which I think is a rule violation now after reading this forum) he buys in bulk. He has high # of feedback on here. I know it was stupid of me, but I contacted him on skype and gave him codes to about 1k worth. He told me to wait 24 hours and would pay then to ensure his account would not be closed. Of course I was not told this upfront or would not of done it as it seems like an excuse to not pay me.

I waited 24 hours he asked for even more codes and I said not until i get paid for the first amount I gave you. At this point I knew I was screwed sadly. Then he tried to give me a file (was an .exe and a virus) over skype. I asked are you going to pay or not and that was his last correspondence to ignore me.

I saved screen shots of our entire conversation. While I have learned to never sell again off Paxful the hard way. Just wanted to do so to save time as selling takes many hours and spend time with my family more.

I wanted to know is it ok to post who this person is and the conversation? Maybe new users will learn from my ignorance and never make a mistake like me. That even if they have thousands of feedback on here they will still scam you.

Thank you.


Yes, that is A-Okay.
Just keep all their personal info for yourself and Pax admin.


I really have no personal info just our conversation, which would reveal the users name. It is like 15 screen shots. I just do not want to violate rules by posting it, if it is considered wrong.


Id just post all their usernames so people know who to watch out for.
Definitely send everything you have to Paxful’s Support.


Just one person user Saimarket


Direct link to their profile makes it a little quicker and yeah, the feedback system should be used as well.


I am numbering the images now to upload the skype conversation so it is not jumping all around. Thank you for the help/advice.


No problem, good luck.
And here’s Support’s contact info in case you dont have it:

Phone: +1 (865) 272-9385
Support Email (FAST): [email protected]







That was our conversation in full. I think he tries to use other name as he did to scam, so his paxful name looks innocent.

I just hope nobody else falls for off paxful trades like me. I was stupid and learned from it. Hope other new people on here just learn and not feel like a fool as I do now.

I did this off Paxful, so will not complain to the Admins as it has nothing to do with them. Other than this user trying to get people on Paxful to do trades off this website which as I said above think is a rule violation.


Yeah, one trade should never be that lengthy.


Thanks for reporting and I’m sorry this happened to you


Please take a look:

Note that there are two Skypes, almost equally identical. One is the real saimarket, the other is an impostor, who’s impersonation skills seem to be on point. He scammed me as well. He’s scammed almost everyone here, because his name comes before the real saimarket’s.

This is the real saimarket:
This is the profile of the impersonator of the real saimarket:

If you go on Skype and click the avatar, you will see that it matches up with the second image’s profile. It really sucks that this impostor is so desperate. Notice how he will buy your gift cards at any rate you want, will do any trade at any time… yeah well I hope that helps to clear things up. Just reminder for all of us to always look in all directions before going through with a trade.



You joined Paxful 14 hours ago just to write this reply? Bet if I checked that second saimarket it will be anew account too on skype. Woocommerce aka saimarket you do not really think people will believe this? As when I did the search those 2 skype options as your image links show did not show for me. Just one, you.

I will see if possible to pull up the trade chat on here to also post an image of that which will show the info you gave me for skype and that is the one I contacted. You are a scammer, and I learned no trades off paxful. Again, my stupidity, just want other new users that even high feedback on here does not mean they will scam you first chance they get off Paxful (like you). This post you made however just goes to show guilt. Register a new name and post this in one hour after registering? Come on.



Looking at your first image of the legit (lol) saimarket matches the info you gave me and is who I contacted on skype.

You tried to come in with the other stype name to finish the scam as I show in the pics above to protect your real name. Really clear to see.

Your games and tricks are fine, I admit you are good at scamming. I am over it, and learned. Just warning others to not deal with you, or off paxful. Sure not many will read this as I did not read the forums until you scammed me, so you will have a long good time scamming do not worry.