My account was frozen


My account was frozen I had a dispute which I won already but my account is still frozen with 573$ in it please help me

This is the link to me profile


Gee… I can’t imagine why :unamused:


Hello please my account was frozen and my trade offers were deactivated for TOS violations but I did not scam or violate any terms of trade I paid everyone and I adjusted my terms of trade when I was told the former was not correct please I will like to know exactly what the issue is thanks.
Please I will like to have a speedy reply so I can make any clear restitution or adjustments if I am oblivious of anything


Please check your most recent trades for any message from a moderator.


Hello please my account was frozen for some time now after I won a dispute from a thief, but now my account is still frozen with 0.04747529d btc remaining. Can you resolve this issue? Please I will like to know exactly what’s the issue. Please reply soon so I can clear up any misconceptions if I did anything wrong


Unfrozen now…



My account was unfrozen 2 days back and it got frozen again while I was in the middle of working.

I didn’t withdraw my coins when it was unfrozen as this person had been trying to scam me for so long.

I want to kill this issue and I am willing to communicate, pay real attention to what he was saying, but please stop freezing my account, I need to work

I have nothing to do with this problem !

I never asked to trade off escrow nor asked for any of this, I get attacked daily and I am still happy with the support but now it seems that it’s paxful who are locking my coins !


Hi, please help me out, have done all necessary but my account is still frozen…


Account has been reinstated.


@gianpx93 kindly assist too. i have done the neccesary thing on my account too but still frozen


My account have been frozen since a month ago, please how can i get it unfrozen?


Check your most recent conversation with support. They have provided you with the reason why your account was frozen


Account still frozen up until now…
Please help


Your account has been restored. Second offense would entail ban of the account.


I was just pasted a link and was told they cannot tell when it will be released. The day he got suspended, i traded an amazon card and the thief stole my card then i start a dispute after awarding the bitcoin to the thief yet they still suspend my account


You tried to resell cards that were sold on a different trade. :slight_smile:


My account was frozen because I violated the TOS but i have already made changes to my trade already
What should i do to get my account active again and How long do i have to wait for my account to be unfrozen


Your account has been reinstated.


My account has been froze how can i go about it


You need to contact support so they can help you