My account got suspended


My account got suspended and later frozen , I have more than $517 worth of btc there , @Ryan please help me out , my username is Giftcardlovers


Your account suspended for the violation of our terms of service and fraudulent building of the fake reputation


Hello Ryan
My account got suspended
I don’t know why
I only logged out and back immmediately and I saw suspended
IVE GOT about 0.4btc there
That’s all I’ve got


What can I do pls
I’ve got all my life savings just in there
Help me


Any possible solution to withdraw my bitcoin , I have $520 worth of bitcoin there , please let me know @system @Ryan


Appeal to pity…i am a seller on paxful but was frustrated to delete my offer just yesterday as this was an offer i created two days back. Mean while my first account was on suspension in which selling bitcoin via iTunes gift cards redemption is there i traded with so many people from different countries including USA china and so many but when it comes to Nigeria fear grips you as you know this guys are capable of doing anything. They send used card and sometimes invalid cards and still expect you to take responsibility where is that done. No impunity to seller from which on every successful trade 1% is automatically added to paxful wallet our bitcoin is not safe as a seller. At this stage i believe paxful is just like nigeria uprading population now improving the well-being of its dwellers and so also is paxful millions of user allover the world but no secuirity over seller bitcoin. At this stage of paxful with the amount you realize every blessed day you need not depend on evidence from buyers of bitcoin Via iTunes gift cards but should have meet with apple and develop a way you can capture the user and time as at which the itunes gift card was loaded. Your present technique of verifying if they cheated where as they are the cheat because all the evidence could be provided here Nigeria without stress with their criminalogical ideas. The evidence will be so genuine to you when verifying its then you will have to suspend a truthful bitcoin so many are complaining even on paxful community and i believe you are not ignorace of this on my previous account i am a living testimony to this shortcomings a buyer repoted me…my trade terms state i take only ecodes not physical cards then a buyer trader with me to 500$ you will agree with me that ecodes price are lesser that card with face values. This buyers card has a card which face value was map on it and was clear enough he left higher offer 0.81$ for 0.69$ Because of the interior motives he has gotten and my account was suspended user @Zeezspayne and losing 0.35btc now i don’t even know my crime and pax is also oweing 0.25$ but why is this happening. Just in two days i opened an offer Just over the night i have traded with people check review and also look at the stat Of my trades… But another cases Two just under 5hours after opening an offer my coin is locked up for again and the same reason sending used card and claiming seller to take responsibility get a solution before business goes down its funny as i have another $200 locked up again please I mustn’t loose this new account to Injustice improve your technology


My account also suspended and said i done anything wrong agains ToS of PAXFUL. how could it possible. even call center could not be called.


First of all you have no right to brand all Nigerians on paxful fraudulent cause you fall a victim…

Vendors like you have been ripping people of their hard earned money by redeeming iTunes card and later claimed it has been used before been sent to you…

You got served with what you deserved.


Hello … my account is frozen ? What can I do to get it back ?