My account got frozen and later suspended


@ElCojonez619 @system @Ryan account got suspended, my last trade was completed without any delay, I don’t know reason why my account got suspended, my user name Paypalbankz


By the looks of it, the nigerians you did most of your trades with got banned too.

Hmm…Wouldn’t be because of all the fake feedback you all gave one another, now would it?


But I think it normal to give feedback after completed trade, is there anything wrong with that ?? Well that’s not my problem, any possible way can I withdraw my bitcoin ???


Typically, when someone considers grouping up with fellow nigerians for the purpose of fabricating seemingly successful trade reviews, (not trying to steriotype you nigerians… but fuck, you all sure make it hard not to!) for one another…

And considers such things as standard practice…

It is a reasonable assumption to make that such fraudulent behavior would also dictate your trading activity with paxful’s users…

Because such a thing would also be considered “standard practice”

Time alloted for paypal users to file a chargeback is 6 months, if im not mistaken.

So might as well go back to whatever it was u did for a living before your short-lived trading career here. Pop back in here at around april, and give us an update.

Peace out Nigerian



Sure bud. Paxful will reach out once they feel an appropriate amount of time has elapsed, in order to cover any chargebacks or otherwise fraudulent trades you may or may not have conducted during your short career here


hey eldojonez you seem to be knowledgable and have some time here. I would like to speak with someone, ive been selling btc for amazon for dropshipping and a guy ended up giving me fraudlent cards and amazon didn’t do anything until 4 days later, so i confronted this guy and ofcourse he had every exscuse in the book. now hes left me with 5 negative feedbacks and continues on trading carded amazon cards to people. ive forwarded the trade receipts to amazon ect. but how in the hell does this guy continue to do this? if you look on my profile you will see exactly who it is. also i just made a trade with one of these guys i think. hes got 115 positive feedback from the same 5 people, and is a complete scamming idiot with multiplpe accounts, but he is continuing on doing it as well. does paxful actually do anything about these guys? i haven’t seen anything done to them yet and ive got all the proof in the world.


Well, Paxful support staff and moderators aren’t even qualified to be even a “skeleton crew” in terms of #'s.

If you go to the completed trades with this scammer and click on the actions tab, you will see a link on the bottom written as “report scam” Click on it and it will bring up a window in which you can write a report to paxful concerning the fraudulent cards.

Sadly, unless these scammers are brought to paxfuls attention, they pretty much are allowed to roam free.

It looks like this scammer vacated this account already over 1 week ago…

He obviously expected this account to be banned by now