Mod made a mistake by suspending my account??


yesterday night, i got an email from paxful like this:

You have been reported
Hi ,
I started a trade with nancymai1206 for a $100 Walmart GC and the trade ended with bitcoins not in escrow and no resposne 14 hours after below is the trasde ID
Please assist.

Thank you.
trade: VPmjkkyR61L
This report has been confirmed by a Paxful moderator. Continued reports may result in negative feedback to your profile and a ban.

What does this mean?
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Paxful Team

The problem is i have not traded walmart for 2 weeks already, and i have never done any walmart gift card below 500$. so how can i scam someone with 100$ Walmart gift card???. i really need MOD show me the trade that i have done 100$ Walmart gift card without escrow?. They banned me without reason and didnt give me any chances to explain??