I sold a $25 Gift Card and only received $17.91


I sold a $25 Gift Card for the agreed amount of $21.55 but my wallet only shows $17.91!!! That is a significant price I am losing…I NEVER would have done this deal if I knew I was going to loose this much money!!! what the hell…It says the user paid 0.00474426 BTC BUT MY WALLET ONLY SHOWS 0.00394426 BTC THIS WAS NOT A MARKET FLUCTUATION I DID NOT RECEIVE WHAT I WAS SUPPOSE TO or my BTC Wallet on Paxful is not working properly.


you also have to pay paxful a fee for allowing you to use their service. Thats how it works. At least you got more than the 50% most people offer for gift cards. plus if you hold your btc for long enough it will be worth a lot more than $18


This is not the trade fee that paxful withdraw, I think you sent all your funds out before this trade, so your balance become negative for the amount of miners fee.