I have been defraud!


I have been on this issue for more than 30 hours. I vendor named Rileg10086 just ripped me off $200 iTunes gift card. I started a dispute but there is no moderator to settle it. Pls don’t let me lose, I trusted paxful and that is why I registered on this site. I NEED YOU HELP RIGHT NOW ADMIN! Thanks


What is the transaction ID? Did you also try paxful live chat and sending them an email? Thank you


Sorry this happened to you. Same thing just happen to me and paxful will not do anything about it except tell you that you assume all risk.


Hello please I trade with forget and did not release my bitcoin


I vendor 50 iTunes gift card to anatasiakraul and he ripped me off pls I will be happy if you can help me out… cos have been ripped twice this week


I had been ripped off $140 dollar now by the user named Abiodun2000 he sent me a fake alert and I release the Bitcoin… Please paxful help me refund my money


Did you trade outside of Paxful escrow? You should never ever do that. If you used paxful escrow always click the paid button after you pay. If for some reason the seller does not release Bitcoin you can dispute the trade and a moderator will be able to help you. If this isn’t the case please send an email to paxful right away and they will be able to help you good luck