Gift Card Scammers


and I almost got scammed again… this time iTunes giftcard, vendor first responds by showing error pics, then says they aren’t activated…(they were shipped directly from by same day delivery shipping) then after I started bugging out… they said they had to call apple to activate… meanwhile when I checked at iTunes store… they came back as already redeemed… I told them they were full of s—, then after all that they say that I should really thank them… (for what?? not scamming me?? they got $150 for $109, and I’m the one that should say ‘thank you’ !!! these shadie people are really f–ked up in the head!! they saved $40 while I paid full price $150 plus fees… and i’m the one that should be thanking them…PISS OFF!!!


Your right… Cherised2016 is another cheap and pathetic ripper, i traded $300 neiman marcu gift card with, after he cashed it out he came telling me bullshit but i know one thing for sure… The FBI will get him for me…