Dispute with vendor


Hello hope all is well. I opened a dispute and I uploaded all the information showing the vendor was paid and the payment was posted he has yet to release coins saying that payment hasn’t been received can a mod look into this trade id is g71QPPxQRmv Thank you!!


@Ryan hey man how’s it going I have a trade dispute with a seller that is trying to scam me by saying he didn’t pick up the cash sent via Western Union the trade id is LWmLY5P831k if you can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. All the proof of payment and screen shot and audio from Western Union is in the chat. This dispute has been a bummer is what it is thanks alot


I see it is solved already


hello @Ryan if your not to busy can you please have a mod release my coins for trade id b6eZawA7x17 I already uploaded all the information needed to show that i have paid the vendor and that the payment posted to my account and the vendors account.

Thank you


@ryan please help me, I was ripped of $700 from a trader and it hasnt been attended to.Please help me https://paxful.com/trade/vpeyEdwg9eq


I make a trade with a seller call masuki. After I upload the card he told me he don’t need the card anymore and he loaded my iTunes card of $100. I try to sell it to another person I was told the card has been redeemed I need urgent action on this. Because that is a scam


Have you started a dispute yet? Any problem on a trade you should file a dispute so mods can help you