Dispute was opened on an attempt at Defrauding 11 days ago!


I opened a dispute 12 days ago and haven’t had a mod come in yet. The guy provided his verification information it looked suspicious and I waited until i was at a PC to look it over again he sent his email to send invoice to through Paypal. After messaging me a few times because I was away he out of no where says I see you sent invoice , Ive paid. and marked paid. He provided a paid invoice from some random person. Him and I went back and forth all day and he has my coins locked for 12 days now. I’ve contacted support several times and Ive been told to wait. Please can someone help as i dont want to lose this amount. I havent offered Paypal since this fiasco.

Transaction ID : 6W1ManMrP1r
Profile Link: https://paxful.com/user/JustDon87


The forums are volunteers and other users like yourself. We have no power over Paxful and cannot see your account or trades.

Did you contact paxful through www.paxful.com/support


Yes I have 4-5 times now. I received some automated replies the first few and the last couple nothing.