Cheated out my Bitcoins


I’m being cheated all of my Bitcoins and I really don’t understand why I bought 16 worth of Bitcoins why did I only get 9 come on now this isn’t right playing with people money is not cool


Hi there every paxful Trader trades above the market price of Bitcoins. Some are cheaper and some are more expensive. You also need to take into consideration the miners fee that everybody pays whenever they send Bitcoin anywhere. The minors fees have been expensive lately but that is not paxfuls fault. :confused:


What payment method did you use and how much did you pay?


Hello i paid twice for some bigcoins in i didnt get what i paid for


Hi there. There is always a miners fee you have to pay whenever you send Bitcoin anywhere. Right now that feet is 0.008 and the amount in USD fluctuates when the Bitcoin price Rises or Falls. If this isn’t the reason for your discrepancy please send an email to paxful. Sorry this happened the miners fees have been very expensive lately but hopefully they will be lower soon this is not something that paxful controls it’s just the nature of Bitcoin.