Can ebay cancel my purchase after I purchase the item


I know there are a lot of sellers that offer ebay gift cards but the prices seem to good to be true.If i were to redeem a card and then buy bitcoins with it on ebay could I afterwards show proof that I adquired it legitimately and show proof of the paxful trade showing a recept and then they wouldnt go after me and charge me back and they would go after the fraudster that tricked me and sold me a stolen card claiming it is legitimate and my accoount would be alright and my bitcoins and the person who was stolen from will be alright with the chargeback and the fraudster would be screwed over for a change and ebay would get their money and the fraudster would be arrested.Would this work or not I just want your opinion


A lot of those cards that are too good to be true are purchased with stolen credit cards and will be charged back. I do not know but I hear that you are the one that will get in trouble if the cards go bad I would not risk it