Btc4men4u and TC3i scammer edited photos


btc4men4u has on 2 occasions now tried using digitally edited photos of credit cards to obtain BTC, he is using the build up your feedback by using amazon gift card trick, then suddenly starts buying using credit/debit card options.

TC3i also uses the same trick, maybe the same person or people.

This appears to be happening a lot, and if I see a user with high percentage of the same method of payment suddenly change, fraud alert starts.

I don’t seem to be able to upload photos here, but I am happy to share the photos to help others reduce financial loss and eradicate this scum.

I also believe its other sellers on here attempting this fraud, as I have a lot of this scam attempted recently and more often than not the buyer is using reused photo such as selfies etc, only the types of photos you would find on bitcoin exchanges.

As far as I am aware people who use stolen details, only by the numbers etc. So these scammers must be obtaining the photos from there customers.


You can post pictures by going to the website and uploading there … and they will give you a URL that you can paste here that anybody can use to see the picture. Thanks for the warning and please send an email to paxful to let them know also they don’t seem to check this Forum very often thank you