BTC Transfer fee to Paxful


Is Paxful charging extra fee when a user send BTC from his/her external BTC address to the Paxful account ? I previously sent BTC to my Paxful account and the fee when transferring $1,000.00 worth of BTC were below $10.00, now I am getting a deduction of at least $75.00 worth of BTC in fees.


No paxful doesn’t charge fees on incoming transactions. If there is any mistake please provide blockchain transaction ID, date and time of transaction. I will check if the balance is correct. Are you sure that you receive less btc? Bitcoin is volatile, maybe it was huge drop in price at the moment of transaction?


I verified the amounts in the exchange and Paxful, I think it’s related with the Market price difference between CEX.IO and Paxful. $272.00 in difference between them and the purchase was for $482.00.

Market Prices
CEX.IO $4,460.00
Coindesk $4,188.00

Trans ID 9/11/17



All the Bitcoin exchanges have slightly different prices. Paxful uses an average of three exchanges it is listed on the wallet page I forget what they are off the top of my head.