Bit4me[dot]com fraud


Bit4me[dot]com is also a certified buyer on this site . they should be banned and certification revoked unless they are some how gaining from them.
On the 5th i sold 0.33 btc to them on bit4me. Com platform only to get scammed , payment never cane to my PayPal account .
All attempt to reason with them HSS failed , they shut down their instant messager ever time they know am chatting with them .
Multiple messages sent to their contact email had gone in answered .
They are scam please paxful should review them and ask them to remove ’ paxful verified logo’ on their site. That was what convinced me to sell to them.


Paxful verified is just a button example for paxful kiosk, it is open source and doesn’t mean that this site is related or certified by Paxful Inc… If you check more properly, then you will see that actually this is not related to paxful link, it direct you to the that is probably phishing site not related to however it also support https. Please be careful with sites like this.
How did you get to this site?
Please report here