Beware of CCCCCC ...He is a Ripper


Beware of CCCCCC and also beware of any seller that invite you to whatsapp to add him. I contact CCCCCC on Paxful to sell $1,000 itune gift card for bitcoin and he said i should please add him up on whatsapp, when i add him he finish he said i should end the conversation on paxful that i should talk to him on whatsapp, which i did so and after i send you him itune card finish he blocked me on whatsapp and never talk to me on paxful again and is showing he is online… so please dont add this number to whatsapp just incase if he contact you… +8618755413052.


Thanks for his #…

Been trying to find a buyer for 3k all week!

Thanks for the contact info buddy!

Saves me so much un neccassary work, such as claiming trades has been paid, escrow release into a pax wallet, having to contact support if things seem to be out of the ordinary…

Over-rated man! WhatsApp WhatsApp WhatsApp


Umm… yeah!!!

Because my most successful trades have always been conducted through Whatsapp…

Not through paxful or other simaler escrow service providers/btc marketplaces on the net.

No… Pax is over-rated man…

I always just blindly send $1k to a complete stranger on the net via whatsapp!

I mean… i say 1k, he say send, i send, i send wallet addy…what could possibly go wrong with WhatsApp???


Lol… sadly I think that sarcasm is lost on many people here and they might believe you


I fell for this guy scam too. I feel bad but I have to share it. He has been on my WhatsApp since January. Always soliciting for cards but I never gave him cards and today when he messaged me again. I sent him &250 and instantly after loading he blocked me. It’s sad and I feel stupid that I fell for him. Just discovered that his account in Paxful has been banned and for the sake of it. I hope his bitcoins was confiscated when he was banned.


I was scammed too and not only tht, I got a negative feedback from the scammer because he scammed me. Seriously see for yourself and I am new here


Do not trade with this user.


He Is a scammer, just ripped me of my hard earned iTunes card.
He is a ripper.