$15 Disapper from my wallet


I Received $30 about 3 days ago and I transferred $15 just 3 hours ago and I discover that my Paxful wallet balance is just $3. What happened to my remain $12 ?. Paxful refund me pls. Username Owospecial


It seems you had a negative balance. You can read all about it here https://kb.paxful.com/knowledgebase/miners-fee/


$14 was deposited in my wallet i only received $2


Please read about negative balance here https://kb.paxful.com/knowledgebase/miners-fee/


$31:31 bitcoins disappeared from my wallet.,I need the moderator or admin to interfere because I need my bitcoins please


I have funds that disappear from my account every time I send money how do I get those qued funds back


There is a bitcoin network fee taken from your balance every time you send out to another wallet. It’s usually 0.0008 BTC

You can read about it here https://kb.paxful.com/knowledgebase/miners-fee/


0.00075749 bitcoin dissapeared from my wallet… Username: IdemudiaCollins… Paxful please refund my bitcoin


0.00075749 BTC was received from a trade and it reflected on your account. However, you had a negative balance it a portion of it was deducted from this new balance. Why just a portion? Because it was not enough to cover the entire fee. https://kb.paxful.com/knowledgebase/miners-fee/